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Washington University Students

Go Bears!

Students at Washington University in St. Louis
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Rules for the washustudents community:

- You may join the community if you are a:
Washington University student
Washington University alumnus
High school student recently admitted to Wash U
High school student applying to Wash U
Prospective transfer student

- Once you join the community, please introduce yourself!
At the very least, give us your name, class, and possible major. Let us know where you're from. Then add on from there. Tell us anything. Any special talents, special connections to Wash U...whatever! Post a picture if you'd like. Those are always fun to look at.

- You can discuss anything here.
Topics are not restricted. We would quickly run out of topics if all we were allowed to discuss was school.

- Event advertising is allowed and encouraged.

- Election advertising (for SU or CS40) is not allowed. You may remind people to vote, but you may not endorse a specific candidate.

- I will ban anyone showing blatant and unjustified cruelty to any other member of the community.
You will be warned before you are banned.

Direct any questions/comments to Jazzy at jpdanzig@wustl.edu

- Moderators: jazzyd, emmers425

- Important past entries (including information on college applications, dorm selection, and orientation) can be found here: http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=washustudents

- Have fun!


Read the article about the LJ community from Student Life (02/02/04): http://www.studlife.com/news/2004/02/02/News/Students.Build.Community.Online-594352.shtml


From the Undergraduate Admissions Page:

Washington University has an international reputation for academic excellence. You’ll study with an accessible faculty renowned for scholarly, creative, and research achievements. Here, a Nobel Prize-winner and other distinguished faculty teach undergraduates.

At our medium-sized University, you’ll have the complete academic resources and extracurricular opportunities of a large university. You’ll find all the support you need to explore and develop your interests.

This genuinely friendly place reflects our Midwestern location. You’ll quickly see and feel this attitude among faculty and students alike. You’ll find that people are really interested in getting to know you.

Some say our combination of academic excellence and our supporting atmosphere is what makes us different.