_hal_stealth (_hal_stealth) wrote in washustudents,

I am [HAL]Stealth. I ran the hub. It is dead.

Here are the FACTS:

1. Direct connect is gone...FOREVER. So stop asking when the new hub will be up. This is serious, the school put the clap on on campus file sharing.

>2. People who are fucking with Lindsey are morons. Go after Ben Westhoff, remember he wrote the article.

3. The psuedo-riot or "gathering," if you will, had absolutely nothing to do with antagonizing Lindsey. People were bored at 3:00am, after frantically downloading all the music, movies, and porn their hard drives could fit, they had nothing better to do but gather and listen to live music.

4. I am in serious shit.

Too many people are taking this too far with Lindsey. Sure, I loved the hub, I mean, I ran it. I nurtured it. Don't be stupid.


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